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corrose replied to your post: Eridan’s your favorite troll? How so?

wow I am so happy to hear that Eridan’s one of your favorites ahh!! he’s such a great character but a lot of people tend to dislike him right off the bat!

Yes! I mean, I definitely don’t blame anyone for not liking Eridan. There are definitely valid reasons not to like him.

But I don’t think that everyone has to hate him because he was ultimately a bad/villainous character. There seems to be this idea that liking a character or having them as your favorite means you must agree with everything they did. Which is obviously not true.

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  3. theunravelingofallthings said: Yeah, I don’t really… understand why people hate Eridan for being “bad”. :/ It’s kind of like disliking Vriska for being bad. Yeah, they both did terrible things, but it’s really because they’re a product of a terrible society.
  4. ketolic said: yes wow thank you! that’s the mindset I have towards him as well, it’s so nice to see that other people feel that way too!
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