1 year ago
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Called the place about my possible internship, they were very “maybe” about it since they already have one intern lined up for the spring (its actually my friend, she recommended the place to me)

But I don’t see why they wouldn’t be interested in another seeing as its free work

I gave them my name / number and they said they’d get back to me so I guess we’ll see

  1. wannabeweeaboo said: I hope you get it!
  2. rydiahighwind said: good luck!
  3. cidraco said: Even though it’s free work, it’s still work for THEM to have enough projects, supervision, and guidance for an intern. Usually a program can be adapted to more, but not always. Good luck!
  4. digitallyinclined said: I wish you luck!
  5. zachtheunholy said: I wish you all the luck I can give you.
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